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The Magic of Aging Beautifully Through the Decades

The magic of aging beautifully through the decades.

Imagine we had a crystal ball to answer all ourskin care questions?  It would warn us to avoid sun exposure, smoking, alife of excess, etc and share with us the best skincare treatments to guaranteewe look our very best in each decade of our life.

Treating our twenties

Thanks to our crystal ball we have been using a 30 plus SPF sunscreen daily, rain or shine. Not only applying it to our facebut additionally to our décolletage, neck and tops of our hands.

In our mid-twenties we start losing collagen andmuscle mass.  This is a good time to start using retinoids to stimulatecollagen production and cell turnover as well as initiating the use of vitamin C serums not only to give our skin a luminous glow but also provide antioxidantand skin brightening benefits.

It is possible to experience lingering issueswith acne or suffer from acne scarring and large pores. Stress and hormonalimbalance are the usual culprits when dealing with acne. Short term oralantibiotics in case of an underlying infection may be prescribed andspironolactone to suppress androgens in the skin. Topical antibiotics andretinoids along with salicylic acids, exfoliating treatments and chemical peelswill target oily skin and address large pores as well as acne scars. I recentlylearned the twenties are the ideal time to introduce neurotoxins to your regimen.In fact, I can support this from my own recent experience with my daughter.  While on a Facetime call with her I noticedthe “ll” (wrinkles) between her eyebrows. I asked her to send me three photos of her face in assorted facialexpressions promising to erase them from my phone to protect her from theft ofmy phone or malevolent hackers.  Studyingher photos I noticed expression lines and pickling around her chin.  I’d never noticed these before.  Had she started neurotoxins in her 20’s Ifeel this could have been prevented.  Asa result, I am convinced that the 20’s are not too young to start.  In fact, I believe it is advisable to startneurotoxins in your 20’s preventing etching as well as deeper lines later.  I scheduled an appointment with my injectionmagician while my daughter is home for an upcoming visit.  You can’t give a higher endorsement thanthis.

Treatments in our 30’s and 40’s

As mentioned earlier, retinoids address hormoneimbalance in which acne manifests as a result of changes in birth control,getting off the pill, etc. In our thirties we start noticing fine lines andwrinkles, and in our forties the start of skin laxity or loss of volume,especially around the nose, cheeks and jawline. Hyperpigmentation appears andmany develop dry skin. This is a good time to add vitamin E both orally and asa serum to your arsenal. Hyaluronic acid and creamier moisturizers counteractthe dryness. You may want to alternate your retinoids and vitamin C nightlywhile making your daytime moisturizer one with an added SPF. Neuro toxins anddermal fillers address volume loss and wrinkles. This is absolutely the time toinvestigate the use of collagen boosting procedures like Ultherapy, Sculptraand PDO Threads to lift tissue in areas experiencing skin laxity. Medium depthChemical peels and Intense Pulsed

Light therapy will exfoliate and reducehyperpigmentation and wrinkles from environmental damage. This is the time toinclude addressing the delicate skin of your neck and not just your face whenscheduling treatments.

Fabulous in our 50’s and beyond

Our fifties bring about a new sense of selfawareness. Some things which used to bother us no longer seem as bothersome anda new sort of confidence appears. At the same time more severe hormonal changesare happening resulting in drier skin, possibly deeper wrinkles, and a greaterloss of volume. Ironically the same treatments used in your forties are stillthe ticket. You might simply start using more in depth versions of yourfavorite treatments alternating Thermage, IPL, Ultherapy and Secret RF withhydrofacials. PDO threads become a girl’s best friend in this decade. As thesixth decade approaches, your neck and hands become beacons of your age. Besure to include them in your professional treatments and therapies.