Why I love Ultherapy

May 12, 2022

My face is sagging! There! I said it out loud!Now what?


I've done all the right things through thedecades. Exercised, stayed out of the sun, worn sun block daily, used medicalgrade serums, lotions and potions, vitamin C, peptides and retinol. I've hadinjections, laser treatments, regularly scheduled facials and God knows I drinkenough water!

But even with having done everything possible tostimulate collagen production over the years genetics determines many factorsof how I age. All in all I am actually fortunate. Just as genetics has played arole in leaving me with thin, sagging skin in my 60's it could have been muchworse if I had been ignorant of how to properly take care of my skin throughthe years. I am fortunate I was able to afford skin care and laser treatmentsthat stimulate the production of collagen and actually make a difference. Ofall the treatments I've explored I have a definite favorite. For all practicalpurposes this procedure is a non surgical facelift. It does not require the$30,000.00+ expense of a surgical facelift, the long recovery period, pain andbruising, and I avoid all the risks of surgery, many of which arepotentially permanent.


My absolute favorite treatment is Ultherapy.

Ultherapy is a noninvasive, micro focusedultrasound device that directs energy into the dermis and connective tissue(fascia) surrounding the facial muscles thus stimulating the body's productionof collagen and other connective components (elastin).  This creates a lifting and tightening effectof the skin and muscles. It can safely be used to tighten and lift skin on theface, neck, décolletage, brow and jaw. The glorious result is both a tighteningand lifting effect, similar to a surgical facelift. (Some surgeons useUltherapy to enhance and maintain the results of a surgical facelift.).

The depth achieved thanks to high resolutionvisualization creates micro burns in the tissue and muscle coverings on whichthe ultrasound probe is focused. This factor alone distinguishes Ultherapy fromother noninvasive platforms available. It truly is as close as you can get to afacelift with an immediate revitalizing result, a lifting and tightening of theskin and muscles. Over the next three to four months the increased collagenproduction enhances the result.

I will continue to age. As this happens, I willperiodically refresh my face, neck and décolletage with Ultherapy treatments asrecommended by my skin care professional along with other treatmentsdesigned to stimulate and increase collagen production.  In addition, I will continue my medical gradehome skincare regimen recommended by my skin care professional, and of course,sunblock. Daily.

I cannot stop theproverbial clock, but I can keep aging in perspective with a healthy, positiveattitude and create as much of a surplus of collagen as possible in order toalways put my best self forward.

“I really like laughing. Never look at my own Fanny when naked. It’s a rule!”

Tia started successful modeling professionally at 14 for over three decades. Prior to that, she had wanted to be a nun. A strong proponent of women empowerment, she created her own jewelry design firm which focused on high-end pieces featured in some of the most elite retailers in the South. Empowering women through employment opportunities to build independence, drive and purpose was her goal. After running her empire, Tia retired after 15 years due to an illness categorized as the rare genome of Hep c which took many years to treat & cure, multiple rare conditions developed as a result including both physical and mental battles. Never a woman to stay idle,

Tia started studying ballet full-time at 50 and returned to modeling at 60. Married and the mother of 2 beautiful daughters, ages 36 & 41, her wicked sense of humor and love for life set her on a path to inform and educate other women through blogging. With a newfound purpose, her love for being around her own gender and the creativity, support & laughter she brings to the blog will draw you in while opening your eyes to aesthetics.

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