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Invest in Yourself: Pura’s Maintenance Membership


There is a growing trend on the internet for product purchases.  When reading about an exciting new mascara, lash growth serum, hair growth vitamins, etc., it is increasingly difficult to order one time.  Everything leans towards a subscription.

Why would I invest in monthly reorders of a product without trying it first to know if I like it?  This plan is cash flow friendly to the seller, but cash flow unfriendly to my budget.  I have been adamant about avoiding monthly programs because I tend to be mercurial, subject to the whims and passions of a shiny new product. However, along came Pura’s Premier Loyalty Program.

Now, we’re talking!  I clearly see benefits in this program format.  I bought into it in July, and from my personal experience I highly recommend it.  

Our lives are so busy it is challenging to keep up with my family and friend’s calendars much less my “skin rejuvenating” calendar.  It’s not easy keeping up with scheduling neurotoxin appointments every three months. Collagen producing procedures, body therapies, etc.  I’ll be on top of my therapies for a while then something happens.  I fall off the good patient maintenance program.

Pura Premier Loyalty offers multiple benefits to me.  It is available at three budgetary levels which are cashflow friendly as explained below:

SILVER LOYALTY – priced at $99 per month for 3 months, you select monthly from 6 designated Pura services or 2 services from a list of 7.

GOLD LOYALTY – Priced at $179 per month for a 6 months commitment.  In return you select monthly 1 Gold Service from a list of 8 services such as IPL to Venus Bliss Skin Tightening.  If you prefer you can choose from a list of 5 services which include 20 smooth monos and 10 units of Dysport or Xeomin plus 10% off all regular priced services.

PLATINUM LOYALTY – Priced at $299 per month for 12 months.  This provides 1 monthly Platinum Service or a choice of 2 from the Platinum options list plus 15% off regularly priced services.  Services range from quarterly Secret RF micro needling to quarterly Ivenus Bliss fat reduction treatment.


I have honestly found it keeps me more organized in scheduling maintenance procedures.  I also get to indulge at a cost savings in treatments I might otherwise not try.

Finally, an atheistic practice that is dedicated to my aesthetic journey as an individual based on a mutual loyalty is uniquely special.  As such, I am being rewarded by Pura with a program that encourages monthly maintenance at a reduced cost.  The ladies are true to their corporate vision.  I admire their steadfastness to the value of ethical, moral and transparency in business making the Pura Loyalty Program a win/win for both them and their clients.