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I Am In Love With Emsculpt

One of the favorite things about my job is writing about my personal experiences with aesthetic treatments.

Before a treatment I do the same research everyone else does, consult “Dr. Google” and read as many articles as my brain can absorb.  My favorite challenge is researching unbiased clinical studies. Those are the hardest to find.  The Internet is awash with advertising promotions and endorsements. Getting to the absolute truth is another matter, hence my preference after reading research from the representative (which tends to be dry and technical) is to report on my personal first hand experience.

I was excited to try Emsculpt.  I have a lean, long dancer’s body and have danced and studied Pilates for over 30 years.  I am in my mid-60s, a dancer as well as a former runner and figure skater.  I have consistently trained in all these protocols as well as weights my entire adult life. However, here is the important difference. In my case, Although I am lean, I have lost a significant amount of muscle mass due to quadruple joint replacements and extensive back damage. In your 60s it is extremely difficult to regain muscle mass. If you are limited in movement for health reasons, training can be painful and dangerous.  This is compounded by the fact women start losing muscle mass at age 24.

Emsculpt is reputed to contribute to subtle fat loss and significant muscle strengthening.  It is FDA cleared for five parts of the body: buttocks, abdomen, hamstrings, quadriceps/calves and biceps/triceps.  I have had 8-10 treatments on each of these body parts with the exception of my calves. 

Emsculpt induces strong, deep muscle contractions through high intensity, electromagnetic therapy.  This provides the body a more intense and thorough muscle contraction causing the muscle to remodel itself at its inner structure creating increased muscle density and volume.  One Emsculpt session is the equivalent of 20,000 contractions.

Results can be seen as early as the first session and last, on average, six months.  Regular follow up sessions along with an active healthy lifestyle extend the Emsculpt results.

I noticed an overall more sculpted and refined look to my body, and a significant increase in the firmness and definition of my lower abdominals. My glutes look perkier and lifted with less drooping. Mind you, I am an extreme test case for Emsculpt because of my age and loss of muscle mass.

I am a believer! I sing its praises to anyone who will listen! Skirts previously snug now slip over my hips easily. Instead of my bottom having a lateral “hippy” shape, it appears narrower and perkier as evidenced by my Pilates instructor commenting on my “perky butt.”

I continue to do Pilates, ballet, physical therapy for shoulders, hips and back, as well as weight training and walking. I watch my diet. For Emsculpt maintenance, I will do each body part again once every one or two months depending on how my body reacts. I am currently doing the maintenance every two weeks.

Emsculpt is not a “get out of jail free” card. You still have to watch your diet and train.  It simply kickstarts the muscle redevelopment or puts the fine tuning to an already toned body. Whatever your personal goal, I am confident the results will provide improvement. Personally, I experienced an unexpected and unreported bonus not mentioned in any of my research. My incontinence came to a complete halt!  Absolutely gone, and I had been doing pelvic floor physical therapy for six months with little to no improvement. I cannot promise Emsculpt will put an end to incontinence. I can only say that after using Emsculpt on my abdomen and buttocks my incontinence completely disappeared.

To close, allow me to express my utter and complete satisfaction and delight with Emsculpt’s results for my 60+ body. In our 50s, 60s and 70s, we need every bit of help we can get to retain a toned body.  It is ideal for those with a BMI under 30, those who have hit a training plateau or those simply trying to re-sculpt a healthy body with more definition and less fat.  For women and men this is the ideal way to encourage your body to amp up its muscle growth.  Emsculpt did not disappoint. It thrilled me.

I am currently trying out the Emsela chair and will blog about my experience with it in the near future.